four decades ago, we started building indonesia’s finest homes. four decades on, we’re still building indonesia’s finest homes..
each and every home we design, each and every home we build, is a unique reflection of our clients’ faith in our unwavering commitment to quality..
this quality is rooted in our designs, entrenched in our builds and it is the cornerstone of how we serve our clients..



founded in 1974 by harjanto chandra with a focus on luxury residential properties, the group (then graha utama) rapidly expanded in the eastern suburbs of surabaya, with a significant market base in the areas of dharmahusada, manyar tompotika, margorejo and kertajaya. in the 1990’s, rapid expansion of luxury residential estates in surabaya’s western districts also led to a significant market share in the sprawling graha family, bukit darmo, citraland and pakuwon estates.

in 2008, cyrus scott was appointed to oversee operations and our expansion into bali. in 2013, to support our successful growth, we re-incorporated as PT. SARYM GROUP.

in our four decade operating history, we’ve built hundreds of homes and we are widely regarded as one of indonesia’s most experienced builders.

what we do

we are passionate architects and builders. we are driven by inspirational design ideas and superfluous construction quality. design wise, we’re always pushing limits and build wise, we won’t accept anything short of perfection.

how we do it

our architecture team lives design. but creative dreams are dormant without a thorough understanding of construction. our architecture and engineering teams work side-by-side to ensure everything we design can be built to the highest standards – we won’t accept anything less.

as builders, our culture is quality – it’s the pivotal factor that underlies every decision we make and every strategy we employ. we are the best because of our passion, our experience and our commitment to the highest international standards in construction.

by harnessing our creativity as architects and our experience in building the finest homes in the region, we provide our clients with what no other group can.