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we don’t enjoy designing the ordinary..
let’s impress the generations to come..


aléatoire et personnalisé..

some of the latest custom designs we’ve delivered our clients.. browse »

minimo™, minimalist our way..

architecture is a process, a process of ongoing refinement to a given design until you’re left with a concept that touches the soul. our passion is modernism and our minimo™ series represents the refinement of several modern concepts that we strive for. discipline and creativity combined to deliver perfection; perfect lines defining perfect spaces, spaces that whisper, whispers that are opiates to the modern architect.. browse »

exemplar™, our original tropical modern..

tropical modern is alive and it’s never been so distinct. populaire’s take on tropical modern is where lifestyle and location converge and define every essence of a structure. exemplar™ was our first dabbling within this style and it remains a core symbol of the style and creativity that define our group of architects. rediscover the luxury, the lifestyle, the love of the exemplar™ series.. browse »

classic tropical, for us it’s el-tropo™..

inspired by rich ethnic traditions, natural materials prevalent in the region and populaire’s passion for ultimate living spaces, el-tropo™ redefines ethnic architecture. our twist on tradition has resulted in one of the most exciting series of designs to emerge in years – this is our take on tradition, comfort and luxury combined.. browse »